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"Dos cuerpos por una sola miel derrotados."

Brie, Rose and I are involved in a last minute scramble for an off campus hour which is stressing me out royally. We're going to look at one at two tomorrow and I feel really, I'm not old/mature enough for this, which I know is false, but still. From what we know of the house so far, it's really good (too good, actually, which has led Jewell to decide that the house must be haunted by the ravenous souls of the restless undead). We'll see what comes of that.
Equally stress inducing is course selection ,as pretty much NONE of the classes I need are offered next semester. Delightful. I have a meeting with my adviser next Monday to try and get it figured out and some time between then and now I have to see the chair of anthropology about a self designed major? On top of, you know, actually keeping up with the steadily increasing amount of school work that I am just barely keeping up with.
But somehow, in spite of all that, I'm in a decent mood- I'm stressed about the house, but at least I'm taking initiative and if it works out I WILL HAVE MY OWN HOUSE. Which is pretty freakin' sweet. And class selection sucks, but hey, again, at least I'm taking initiative, which is kind of a big deal for me as I have a tenancy towards "situation paralysis" or whatever it's called where when I hit a certain level of stress my instinctive reaction is to curl up in a little ball and ignore all problems until they miraculously go away on their own (this approach DOES NOT WORK and is the cause of my sad GPA.) So, yeah, in general I would say that I'm optimistically overwhelmed.
P.S- Who wants to go see The Decemberists with me? Somebody?...anybody?...please?
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