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Just for fun, I'm putting up the New Year's Resolutions and Bucket Lists that I made with Cay in Vermont. Both lists will probably have things added to them.

New Years Resolutions for 2010
Obligatory weight loss resolution. Learn to make soap. Pee in at least five new states. ( 1 down, 4 to go.) Decide when/if I should go to grad school. Write something creative every week. Do yoga regularly.Make time for art. Learn to sew and make/up cycle all my own clothes. Do the no buy/wardrobe re-fashion challenge ( for six months. Eat local for at least a month. Take a belly dancing class. Ride my bike!Start writing down/taping family stories. Get a good haircut. Play more chess. Make a list of books to read this year- then read all of them. Be less judgmental. Plan for the future. Focus on the positive. Leave the country.

Bucket List
See the Northern lights. Be fluent in two languages other than English. Graduate from college.Brew my own wine. Brew mead. Own land. Hike the Appalachian trail. Visit all 50 states. Learn to dance. See a solar eclipse. Swim in the dead sea. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Learn to play a musical instrument well. Go wilderness camping. Fall in love and mean it. Live in another country. Write a letter every day for a year. Go to an outdoor music festival. Visit German relatives in Germany, Visit Italian relatives in Italy. Build my own house. Visit all the continents. Write a book, start to finish. Have a baby. Adopt. Foster a child. Milk a cow. Find out where in Africa my father's family comes from and go there. Go to a spa. Hear wolves howling in the wild. Volunteer in a foreign country. Live off the land. Be at a sea turtle hatching. Go to an indian wedding. Go to Nowhere.
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