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Here's some love for spring break....obnoxious, gushy amounts of love.

This break is so perfectly timed to be right when I needed it, and the weather is so perfect, I'm just loving all over everything.Oh sweet sunshine, I love, love, love you.I love walking to the cemetery at night and talking and the nostalgia feeling that comes from doing so...and watching movies with friends with perfect commentary. And watching Archer. And staying up till forever then sleeping in. And I love planning fun crafty projects!
Things I want to do with the rest of break-
-Go to the beach
-Drink a lot of wine
-Have a tea party
-Fix/alter some clothes
-make soap
- learn to dye clothes with all-natural dyes and experiment with doing so
-go into Philly (probably doing this tomorrow with mommy)
- Bake! Something. Anything. Cookies cupcakes cobbler.
-Actually get some schoolwork done...I have a midterm do monday
-Get a haircut
-Love every one.
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I wish I didn't have class this week, I want to do all of these things too!! =( Come love me in Philly! We can bake and drink tea and wine and do crafty things. And lets go to the beach! I can't wait till I'm home this weekend, I'm going to love all over you guys literally every second of every day.
Sounds fantastically perfect :) I'm going into philly tomorrow, but I'm going in the daytime with my mommy for bonding time, which is not conducive to wifey bonding time, unfortunately. But I really want to come visit you and we'll go to the yarn store and maybe anthropologie?
mmmm spring break
you all should also hop a plane over here for a day or so :-P

or, you know, just like skype me or something

have funnnnn. and make someone take pictures of all the break-y activities.. there's a severe lack of cinna-photos on facebook