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rain_falling's Journal

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, acting, afi, alternative music, ancient cultures, animals, animation, art, atheism, baths, biking, bisexuality, black, black and white photography, blood, blue, blue hair, books, british accents, camping, candy, caramel, cats, childhood tv shows, chocolate, coheed and cambria, concerts, controversy, creativity, dancing, dancing in the rain, dark fiction, deviantart.com, dogs, donnie darko, doodling, dragostea din tei, drawing (above all), dreaming, dropkick murphys, duct tape, egypt, emo, europe, eyeliner, fairy tales, fan fiction, fantasy, fiction, flogging molly, foamy card cult, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, friends, gemini, gerard way, ghosts, glitter, graveyards, halloween, happiness, harry potter, henna, hiking, hitchhiker's guide, horses, human nature, ice cream, indie films, intellect, intellegence, internet, intro-extroversion, ireland, jk rowling, jrr tolkien, kissing, laughing, literature, lord of the rings, love, making videos, marquis de sade, masochism, mcr, mint, monkeys, moulin rouge, movies, muffins, music, my chemical romance, nature, nightwish, nonlivelyjournals, old/new music, oppression, originality, paganism, photography, pirates, pirates of the carribbean, plotting, poe, poetry, power of words, propaganda, psychology, rain, rambling, rasputina, rave, reading, religion, renaissance faire, repression, rocky horror picture show, romance, ron weasley, roses, sadism, sadomasochism, sexuality, shakespeare, singing, sitting on the roof, sketching, sparkles, squirrels, starbucks, stars, tarot cards, tattoos, the cure, the moon, the pixies, the postal service, thrift stores, trampolines, vampyres, velvet goldmine, violence, wizard people dear reader, writers, writing, you